FieldTransaction.add_surfaces_request(surface_ids=None, surface_names=None, overset_mesh=False, provide_vertices=True, provide_faces=True, provide_faces_centroid=False, provide_faces_normal=False)#

Add request to get surface data (vertices, face connectivity, centroids, and normals).

surface_idsList[int], optional

List of surface IDS for the surface data.

surface_names: List[str], optional

List of surface names for the surface data.

overset_meshbool, optional

Whether to get the overset met. The default is False.

provide_verticesbool, optional

Whether to get node coordinates. The default is True.

provide_facesbool, optional

Whether to get face connectivity. The default is True.

provide_faces_centroidbool, optional

Whether to get face centroids. The default is False.

provide_faces_normalbool, optional

Whether to get faces normal. The default is False

Return type: