FieldTransaction.add_pathlines_fields_request(field_name, surface_ids=None, surface_names=None, additional_field_name='', provide_particle_time_field=False, node_value=True, steps=500, step_size=0.01, skip=0, reverse=False, accuracy_control_on=False, tolerance=0.001, coarsen=1, velocity_domain='all-phases', zones=[])#

Add request to get pathlines field on surfaces.


Name of the scalar field to color pathlines.

surface_idsList[int], optional

List of surface IDs for pathlines field data.

surface_namesList[str], optional

List of surface names for pathlines field data.

additional_field_namestr, optional

Additional field if required.

provide_particle_time_field: bool, optional

Whether to provide the particle time. The default is False.

node_valuebool, optional

Whether to provide the nodal values. The default is True. If False, element values are provided.

steps: int, optional

Pathlines steps. The default is 500

step_size: float, optional

Pathlines step size. The default is 0.01.

skip: int, optional

Pathlines to skip. The default is 0.

reverse: bool, optional

Whether to draw pathlines in reverse direction. The default is False.

tolerance: float, optional

Pathlines tolerance. The default is 0.001.

coarsen: int, optional

Pathlines coarsen. The default is 1.

velocity_domain: str, optional

Domain for pathlines. The default is "all-phases".

zones: list, optional

Zones for pathlines. The default is [].

Return type: