Transfer data#

You use the ‘transfer_case` method to transfer a case or mesh file between instances of Fluent. You must specify a source instance and one or more destination instances.

Sample usage#

To use the transfer_case method to transfer a mesh or a case file, you import the file and pass the source, destination instances, and the file type. You can either generate the files in the parent instance or just read the file.

This example shows how you use the transfer_case method to read a mesh file in a pure meshing session and transfer it to a solver session.

>>> import ansys.fluent.core as pyfluent
>>> from ansys.fluent.core.examples import download_file
>>> from ansys.fluent.core.utils.data_transfer import transfer_case

>>> mesh_filename = download_file("mixing_elbow.msh.h5", "pyfluent/mixing_elbow")
>>> pure_meshing_session = pyfluent.launch_fluent(mode="pure-meshing")

>>> solver_session = pyfluent.launch_fluent(mode="solver")

>>> transfer_case(
>>>     source_instance=meshing,
>>>     solvers=[solver],
>>>     file_type="mesh",
>>>     file_name_stem='',
>>>     num_files_to_try=1,
>>>     clean_up_temp_file=True,
>>>     overwrite_previous=True
>>> )

Similarly, you can use the transfer_case method to transfer a case file from one instance of Fluent to another.


read_case_into(solver, file_type, file_name)

read_case_into_each(solvers, file_type, ...)

transfer_case(source_instance, solvers, ...)

Transfer case between instances.

ansys.fluent.core.utils.data_transfer.read_case_into(solver, file_type, file_name)#
ansys.fluent.core.utils.data_transfer.read_case_into_each(solvers, file_type, file_name)#
ansys.fluent.core.utils.data_transfer.transfer_case(source_instance, solvers, file_type, file_name_stem, num_files_to_try, clean_up_temp_file, overwrite_previous)#

Transfer case between instances.


Fluent instance (tested for meshing instance)


Sequence of solver instances


“case” or “mesh”


Optional file name stem


Optional number of files to try to write, each with a different generated name. Defaults to 1

clean_up_mesh_file: bool

Whether to remove the file at the end

overwrite_previous: bool

Whether to overwrite the file if it already exists