class main_menu.surface(path, service)#

Enter the data surface manipulation menu.

circle_slice(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a circular slice.

Enable the point surface algorithm to look for the nearest point instead of reporting a creation failure.

cone_slice(*args, **kwargs)#

Extract a cone slice.

create_imprint_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Imprint surface.

delete_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Removes a defined data surface.

edit_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Allows you to edit any of the listed available surfaces.

ellipsoid_slice(*args, **kwargs)#

Extract a ellipsoid slice.

expression_volume(*args, **kwargs)#

Create volume with boolean expression.

group_surfaces(*args, **kwargs)#

Group a set of surfaces.

iso_clip(*args, **kwargs)#

Clips a data surface (surface, curve, or point) between two isovalues.

iso_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts an iso-surface (surface, curve, or point) from the current data field.

line_slice(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a linear slice in 2D, given the normal to the line and a distance from the origin.

line_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Defines a “line” surface by specifying the two endpoint coordinates.

list_surfaces(*args, **kwargs)#

Displays the ID and name, and the number of point, curve, and surface facets of the current surfaces.

mouse_line(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a line surface that you define by using the mouse to select the endpoints.

mouse_plane(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a planar surface defined by selecting three points with the mouse.

mouse_rake(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a “rake” surface that you define by using the mouse to select the endpoints.

multiple_iso_surfaces(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates multiple iso-surfaces at once. Accepts zone names, lists of zone ID’s, and wildcards.

multiple_plane_surfaces(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates multiple planes at once. Accepts zone names, lists of zone ID’s, and wildcards.

multiple_zone_surfaces(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates multiple data surfaces at one time. Accepts zone names, lists of zone ID’s, and wildcards.

partition_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Defines a data surface consisting of mesh faces on the partition boundary.

plane(*args, **kwargs)#

Create a plane given 3 points bounded by the domain.

plane_slice(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a planar slice.

plane_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Create a plane from a coordinate plane, point and normal, or three points.

point_array(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a rectangular array of data points.

point_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Defines a “point” surface by specifying the coordinates.

quadric_slice(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a quadric slice.

rake_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a “rake” surface, given the coordinates of the endpoints.

rename_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Renames a defined data surface.

reset_zone_surfaces(*args, **kwargs)#

Recreates missing surface zones by resetting the case surface list.

sphere_slice(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts a spherical slice.

structural_point_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Defines a structural “point” surface by specifying the coordinates.

surface_cells(*args, **kwargs)#

Extracts all cells intersected by a data surface.

transform_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Transforms surface.

ungroup_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Ungroup the surface(if grouped).

zone_surface(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates a surface of a designated zone and gives it a specified name.