class main_menu.solve(path, service)#

Enter the solve menu.

convergence_conditions(*args, **kwargs)#

Enters the convergence conditions menu.

dpm_update(*args, **kwargs)#

Updates discrete phase source terms.

dual_time_iterate(*args, **kwargs)#

Performs unsteady iterations for a specified number of time steps.

iterate(*args, **kwargs)#

Performs a specified number of iterations. This option is still available during transient simulations, since it can be used to add more iterations to the same time step after interrupting iterations within a time step.

iterate_steady_2way_fsi(*args, **kwargs)#

Perform a specified number of steps.

mesh_motion(*args, **kwargs)#

Performs mesh motion.

multistage_time_iterate(*args, **kwargs)#

Perform unsteady iterations.

patch(*args, **kwargs)#

Patches a value for a flow variable in the domain. You can either provide a numerical value, which you can enter directly, or you can enter an expression, which must be entered within quotation marks.

update_physical_time(*args, **kwargs)#

Advances the unsteady solution to the next physical time level. Using this command in conjunction with theiterate command allows you to manually advance the solution in time (rather than doing it automatically with the dual-time-iterate command).