class main_menu.solution.methods.pseudo_time_method(path, service)#

Enter the pseudo time method menu.

advanced_options(*args, **kwargs)#

Enter the advanced options menu to define pseudo time settings for equations.

convergence_acceleration_for_stretched_meshes(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable convergence acceleration for stretched meshes to improve the convergence of the implicit pressure based solver on meshes with high cell stretching.

formulation(*args, **kwargs)#

Select the pseudo time step size formulation for the pseudo time method.

global_time_step_settings(*args, **kwargs)#

Adjust the settings for the global time step formulation.

local_time_step_settings(*args, **kwargs)#

Adjust the settings for the local time step formulation.

relaxation_bounds(*args, **kwargs)#

Select relaxation bounding scheme for pseudo time method.

relaxation_factors(*args, **kwargs)#

Enter the relaxation factors menu to set the pseudo time explicit relaxation factors for equations.

relaxation_method(*args, **kwargs)#

Select relaxation definition for pseudo time method.

verbosity(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the verbosity for the pseudo time method.