class main_menu.solution.methods.multiphase_numerics.heat_mass_transfer.cavitation(path, service)#

Cavitation numerics options menu.

display_clipped_pressure(*args, **kwargs)#

Clipped pressure is just used for the properties evaluation. Mass Transfer Rate uses unclipped pressure.

max_vapor_pressure_ratio(*args, **kwargs)#

Maximum limit on vapor pressure after turbulence and thermal correction.

min_vapor_pressure(*args, **kwargs)#

Minimum vapor pressure limit for cavitation model.

schnerr_cond_coeff(*args, **kwargs)#

Condensation coefficient for Schnerr-Sauer model.

schnerr_evap_coeff(*args, **kwargs)#

Evaporation coefficient for Schnerr-Sauer model.

turbulent_diffusion(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable turbulent diffusion treatment between phases participating in cavitation. This treatment is generally recommended for better solution stability. However, in case of numerical difficulties, it can be disabled.