class main_menu.solution.initialize(path, service)#

Enter the flow initialization menu.

dpm_reset(*args, **kwargs)#

Reset discrete phase source terms to zero.

fmg_initialization(*args, **kwargs)#

Initialize using the full-multigrid initialization (FMG).

hyb_initialization(*args, **kwargs)#

Initialize using the hybrid initialization method.

init_acoustics_options(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify number of timesteps for ramping of sources and initialize acoustics model variables. During ramping the sound sources are multiplied by a factor smoothly growing from 0 to 1.

init_flow_statistics(*args, **kwargs)#

Initialize statistics.

init_turb_vel_fluctuations(*args, **kwargs)#

Initialize turbulent velocity fluctuations.

initialize_flow(*args, **kwargs)#

Initialize the flow field with the current default values.

levelset_auto_init(*args, **kwargs)#

Levelset function automatic initialization.

list_defaults(*args, **kwargs)#

List default values.

lwf_initialization(*args, **kwargs)#

Delete wall film particles and initialize wall film variables to zero.

open_channel_auto_init(*args, **kwargs)#

Open channel automatic initialization.

patch(*args, **kwargs)#

Patch a value for a flow variable in the domain.

reference_frame(*args, **kwargs)#

Set reference frame absolute or relative.

repair_wall_distance(*args, **kwargs)#

Correct wall distance at very high aspect ratio hexahedral/polyhedral cells.

set_defaults(*args, **kwargs)#

Enter the set defaults menu.

set_fmg_initialization(*args, **kwargs)#

Enter the set full-multigrid for initialization menu.

set_hyb_initialization(*args, **kwargs)#

Enter the settings for hybrid initialization method.

show_iterations_sampled(*args, **kwargs)#

Display the amount of simulated iterations covered by the data sampled for steady statistics.

show_time_sampled(*args, **kwargs)#

Display the amount of simulated time covered by the data sampled for unsteady statistics.