class, service)#

Enter Poor Mesh Numerics Menu.

cell_quality_based(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable poor mesh numerics on cells with low quality.

enable(*args, **kwargs)#

Solution correction on meshes of poor quality.

enhanced_pmn(*args, **kwargs)#

This option is available with the density-based solver. When enabled, it will apply quality-based poor-mesh-numerics order=1 on any cells with a quality-measure below 0.2. In addition, their CFL number is limited to 1.0.

gradient_quality_based(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable poor mesh numerics based on cell gradient quality.

orthogonality_enhancing_cell_centroids(*args, **kwargs)#

Relocate select cell centroids, to improve orthogonality metrics and solution stability.

print_poor_elements_count(*args, **kwargs)#

Print poor cells count.

reset_poor_elements(*args, **kwargs)#

Reset marking of poor cell elements.

set_quality_threshold(*args, **kwargs)#

Set quality threshold.

solution_and_quality_based(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable poor mesh numerics based on solution and cell quality.

user_defined_on_register(*args, **kwargs)#

Include cells in register in poor mesh numerics.

user_defined_on_register_auto(*args, **kwargs)#

Set up the application of poor mesh numerics to cells in a register during the calculation at a specified frequency.