class, service)#

Enter expert options for solution.

alternate_wall_temp_formulation(*args, **kwargs)#

Alternate formulation for wall temperatures?.

bc_pressure_extrapolations(*args, **kwargs)#

Setting pressure extrapolations schemes on boundaries.

bcd_boundedness(*args, **kwargs)#

BCD scheme boundedness strength, constant or expression (0 to 1).

bcd_weights_freeze(*args, **kwargs)#

At each timestep, freeze BCD scheme weights after specified iteration in order to improve timestep convergence.

correction_form(*args, **kwargs)#

Discretize momentum equations in correction form for the pressure-based solver.

disable_reconstruction(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/Disable reconstruction. When disabled, accuracy will be first-order.

energy_numerical_noise_filter(*args, **kwargs)#

The energy equation numerical noise filter can be enabled to eliminate non-physical numerical noise in the energy field. The numerical noise can appear in solution fields where large variations in specific heat or combustion with phase change are present. Using the energy equation numerical noise filter increases robustness, but may make the solution slightly more diffusive.

equation_ordering(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the equation order.

explicit_under_relaxation_value(*args, **kwargs)#

Explicit under-relaxation value.

flow_warnings(*args, **kwargs)#

Control the display of warning diagnostics for boundaries with reversed flow, etc.

limiter_warnings(*args, **kwargs)#

Control the display of limiter warning diagnostics.

linearized_mass_transfer_udf(*args, **kwargs)#

Use linearized mass transfer UDFs?.

lock_solid_temperature(*args, **kwargs)#

Lock the temperature for all solid and shell cell zones in the domain.

material_property_warnings(*args, **kwargs)#

Control the display of material property warning diagnostics: 0 - off (no messages) 1 - messages per material 2 - messages per material and per property.

mp_mfluid_aniso_drag(*args, **kwargs)#

Set anisotropic drag parameters for Eulerian multiphase.

mp_reference_density(*args, **kwargs)#

Set reference density option for Eulerian multiphase.

numerical_beach_controls(*args, **kwargs)#

Set damping function in flow direction.

open_channel_controls(*args, **kwargs)#

Set additional open channel controls.

retain_cell_residuals(*args, **kwargs)#

Retain cell residuals for postprocessing?.

retain_temporary_solver_mem(*args, **kwargs)#

Retain temporary solver memory?.

set_all_species_together(*args, **kwargs)#

Set all species discretizations and URFs together.

show_all_discretization_schemes(*args, **kwargs)#

Allow selection of all applicable discretization schemes?.

singhal_et_al_cavitation_model(*args, **kwargs)#

Use Singhal-et-al cavitation model?.

surface_tension(*args, **kwargs)#

Set surface-tension calculation options.

surface_tension_expert(*args, **kwargs)#

Set surface-tension expert options.

vof_explicit_controls(*args, **kwargs)#

Set Explicit VOF controls.