class main_menu.setup.overset_interfaces.options(path, service)#

Enter the overset interface options menu.

auto_create(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable automatic creation of default overset interface.

dead_cell_update(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable dead cell update in moving or dynamic mesh simulations.

donor_priority_method(*args, **kwargs)#

Set method used to evaludate the cell donor priority.

expert(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable additional overset options and tools.

mesh_interfaces(*args, **kwargs)#

Allow mesh interfaces inside overset cell zones.

minimize_overlap(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable overlap minimization for overset interfaces.

Enable modified and more extensive donor search.

modified_hole_cutting(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable modified hole cutting parameters.

node_connected_donors(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable node or face connected donor cells.

overlap_boundaries(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable overset topologies with overlap boundaries.

parallel(*args, **kwargs)#

Set options to control running overset in parallel.

partial_cut_faces(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable enhanced hole cutting where cut faces partially overlap.

render_receptor_cells(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the option to include receptor cells in postprocessing.

solve_island_removal(*args, **kwargs)#

Set method used to control the removal of isolated patches of solve cells.

transient_caching(*args, **kwargs)#

Set options to control caching of entities in transient overset simulations.

update_before_case_write(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable update of overset interfaces before writing case file (CFF format only).

verbosity(*args, **kwargs)#

Set overset mesh reporting verbosity.