class main_menu.setup.models.radiation.s2s_parameters(path, service)#

Enter the S2S parameters menu.

compute_clusters_and_vf_accelerated(*args, **kwargs)#

Compute/Write surface cluster first and then view factors.

compute_fpsc_values(*args, **kwargs)#

Compute only fpsc values based on current settings.

compute_vf_accelerated(*args, **kwargs)#

Compute/Write view factors from existing surface clusters.

compute_vf_only(*args, **kwargs)#

Compute/write view factors only.

compute_write_vf(*args, **kwargs)#

Compute/write surface clusters and view factors for S2S radiation model.

enable_mesh_interface_clustering(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable clustering on mesh interfaces?.

non_participating_boundary_zones_temperature(*args, **kwargs)#

Set temperature for the non-participating boundary zones.

print_thread_clusters(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints the following for all boundary threads: thread-id, number of faces, faces per surface cluster, and the number of surface clusters.

print_zonewise_radiation(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints the zonewise incoming radiation, viewfactors, and average temperature.

read_vf_file(*args, **kwargs)#

Read an S2S file.

set_global_faces_per_surface_cluster(*args, **kwargs)#

Set global value of faces per surface cluster for all boundary zones.

set_vf_parameters(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the parameters needed for the view factor calculations.

split_angle(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the split angle for the clustering algorithm.

use_new_cluster_algorithm(*args, **kwargs)#

Use the new surface clustering algorithm.

use_old_cluster_algorithm(*args, **kwargs)#

Use the old surface clustering algorithm.