class main_menu.setup.models.dpm.numerics.high_resolution_tracking(path, service)#

Enter the high resolution tracking menu.

always_use_face_centroid_with_periodics(*args, **kwargs)#

Use quad face centroids when creating subtets if the case contains periodic boundaries.

boundary_layer_tracking(*args, **kwargs)#

Adjust the particle timestep to account for high aspect ratio cells.

check_subtet_validity(*args, **kwargs)#

Test for inverted subtets due to warped cells.

enable_automatic_intersection_tolerance(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable automatic scaling of subtet intersection tolerance.

enable_barycentric_intersections(*args, **kwargs)#

Use barycentric coordinates for intersection calculations.

enable_high_resolution_tracking(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable high resolution tracking.

project_wall_film_particles_to_film(*args, **kwargs)#

Project existing particles to film to track using high resolution tracking?.

remove_stuck_particles(*args, **kwargs)#

Remove particles that are stuck at edges or faces.

set_film_spreading_parameter(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the spreading parameter for Lagrangian wallfilm particles.

set_subtet_intersection_tolerance(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the tolerance for subtet intersection calculations.

sliding_interface_crossover_fraction(*args, **kwargs)#

Move the particle a fraction of the distance to the subtet center when crossing a sliding interface.

use_barycentric_sampling(*args, **kwargs)#

Use barycentric coordinates when sampling at planes.

use_particle_timestep_for_intersection_tolerance(*args, **kwargs)#

Use the particle timestep for the axisymmetric subtet intersection tolerance.

use_quad_face_centroid(*args, **kwargs)#

Use quad face centroids when creating subtets.

use_velocity_based_error_control(*args, **kwargs)#

Use adaptive time stepping based upon the particle velocity.