class main_menu.setup.dynamic_mesh.controls.smoothing_parameters(path, service)#

Enter the dynamic mesh smoothing menu.

amg_stabilization(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the AMG stabilization method for mesh smoothing (FEM).

bnd_node_relaxation(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the spring boundary node relaxation factor.

bnd_stiffness_factor(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the stiffness factor for springs connected to boundary nodes.

boundary_distance_method(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the method used to evaluate the boundary distance for the diffusion coefficient calculation.

constant_factor(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the spring constant relaxation factor.

convergence_tolerance(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the convergence tolerance for spring-based solver.

diffusion_coeff_function(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify whether the diffusion coefficient is based on the boundary distance or the cell volume.

diffusion_coeff_parameter(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the diffusion coefficient parameter used for diffusion-based smoothing.

diffusion_fvm(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the numerical method used for diffusion-based smoothing.

laplace_node_relaxation(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the Laplace boundary node relaxation factor.

max_iter(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the maximum number of iterations for spring-based solver.

poisson_ratio(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the Poisson’s ratio used by the linearly elastic solid model.

relative_convergence_tolerance(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the relative residual convergence tolerance for diffusion-based (FVM) smoothing.

skew_smooth_all_deforming_boundaries(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable skewness smoothing for all deforming dynamic boundary zones. If disabled, only the deforming dynamic boundary zones are smoothed which have smoothing explicitly enabled or use local face remeshing.

skew_smooth_cell_skew_max(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the cell skewness threshold above which cells will be smoothed using the skewness method.

skew_smooth_face_skew_max(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the face skewness threshold above which deforming boundary faces will be smoothed using the skewness method.

skew_smooth_niter(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the number of skewness-based smoothing cycles.

smooth_from_reference_position(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable smoothing from reference position.

smoothing_method(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the smoothing method used by the dynamic mesh model.

spring_on_all_elements(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable spring-based smoothing for all cell shapes.

spring_on_simplex_elements(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable spring-based smoothing for tri/tet elements in mixed element zones.

verbosity(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the verbosity for spring smoothing.