class main_menu.server(path, service)#

Enter the server menu.

print_connected_clients(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints the name of the connected client and its IP address to the console.

print_server_address(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints the host address and port number of the server to the console.

shutdown_server(*args, **kwargs)#

Shuts-down the server and disconnects the connected client.

start_client(*args, **kwargs)#

Start the ANSYS Fluent remote visualization client.

start_server(*args, **kwargs)#

Starts the server for the ANSYS Fluent remote visualization client.

start_web_server(*args, **kwargs)#

Start web server.

stop_web_server(*args, **kwargs)#

Stop web server.

write_or_reset_server_info(*args, **kwargs)#

Allows you to create a new server_info.txt file (with any name you specify), which resets the password for connecting to this server session. It does not restart the server.