class, service)#

Enters the DPM histogram menu.

compute_sample(*args, **kwargs)#

Computes the minimum/maximum of a sample variable.

delete_sample(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes a sample from the loaded sample list.

list_samples(*args, **kwargs)#

Shows all samples in a loaded sample list.

pick_sample_to_reduce(*args, **kwargs)#

Select a sample to be reduced.

plot_sample(*args, **kwargs)#

Plots a histogram of a loaded sample.

prep_dpm_sample_cont_plot_exprs(*args, **kwargs)#

Prepare named expressions from data in a DPM sample file (collected at a cut plane surface) for contour plotting.

read_sample(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads a sample file and adds it to the sample list.

reduce_picked_sample(*args, **kwargs)#

Reduce a sample as specified by the data reduction parameters. This command is available only after you selected the sample using the pick-sample-to-reduce text command.

write_sample(*args, **kwargs)#

Write a histogram of a loaded sample into a file.