class main_menu.plot(path, service)#

Enter the XY plot menu.

change_fft_ref_pressure(*args, **kwargs)#

Changes reference acoustic pressure.

circum_avg_axial(*args, **kwargs)#

Computes iso-axial band surfaces and plots data vs. axial coordinate on them.

circum_avg_radial(*args, **kwargs)#

Computes iso-radial band surfaces and plots data vs. radius on them.

datasources(*args, **kwargs)#

Enters the menu for creating and modifying plots containing multiple data sources.

display_profile_data(*args, **kwargs)#

Plots profile data.

fft(*args, **kwargs)#

Plots fast Fourier transform (FFT) of file data. If you respond yes to Acoustic Analysis?, then additional Y axis functions are made available.

fft_set(*args, **kwargs)#

Enter the menu to set histogram plot parameters.

file(*args, **kwargs)#

Plots data from an external file.

file_list(*args, **kwargs)#

Plots data from multiple external files.

file_set(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets file plot parameters.

histogram(*args, **kwargs)#

Plots a histogram of the specified solution variable using the defined range and number of intervals.

histogram_set(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets histogram plot parameters. Sub-menu items are the same as file-set/ above.

label_alignment(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the orientation of XY plot axis labels as either horizontal or axis-aligned.

plot(*args, **kwargs)#

Plots solution on surfaces.

plot_direction(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets plot direction for XY plot.

residuals(*args, **kwargs)#

Contains commands that allow you to select the variables for which you want to display XY plots of residual histories in the active graphics window.

residuals_set(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets residual plot parameters. Sub-menu items are the same as file-set/ above.

set_boundary_val_off(*args, **kwargs)#

Disables the use of boundary face values when node values are disabled in solution XY plots. This option is disabled by default, that is, boundary face values are used when node values are disabled.

solution(*args, **kwargs)#

Plots solution on surfaces and/or zones. Zone and surface names can be indicated using a wildcard (*).

solution_set(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets solution plot parameters. Sub-menu items are the same as file-set/ above.