class main_menu.plot.cumulative_plot(path, service)#

Plot the development of force, force coefficient, moment, or moment coefficient across the specified wall zones.

add(*args, **kwargs)#

Create a new cumulative plot.

axes(*args, **kwargs)#

Set axes options of an object.

curves(*args, **kwargs)#

Set curves options of an object.

delete(*args, **kwargs)#

Delete an existing cumulative plot object.

edit(*args, **kwargs)#

Edit an existing cumulative plot object.

list(*args, **kwargs)#

Print the names of the existing cumulative plot objects to the console.

list_properties(*args, **kwargs)#

Print the properties of the specified cumulative plot object to the console.

plot(*args, **kwargs)#

Plot a cumulative plot in the graphics window.

print(*args, **kwargs)#

Print the value of a cumulative plot to the console.

write(*args, **kwargs)#

Write a cumulative plot to a file.