class main_menu.file(path, service)#

Enter the file menu.

async_optimize(*args, **kwargs)#

Chooses whether to optimize file I/O using scratch disks and asynchronous operations.

binary_legacy_files(*args, **kwargs)#

Indicate whether to write binary or text format case and data files.

cff_files(*args, **kwargs)#

Indicate whether to write ANSYS common fluids format (CFF) files or legacy case and data files.

close_without_save(*args, **kwargs)#

Exits ANSYS Fluent without saving data in Workbench. This command is only available when running ANSYS Fluent in Workbench.

confirm_overwrite(*args, **kwargs)#

Indicate whether or not to confirm attempts to overwrite existing files.

data_file_options(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets derived quantities to be written in data file.

define_macro(*args, **kwargs)#

Saves input to a named macro.

execute_macro(*args, **kwargs)#

Runs a previously defined macro.

export_to_cfd_post(*args, **kwargs)#

Exports data files that are compatible with CFD-Post and EnSight (that is, .cdat and .cst files) and opens CFD-Post, if desired.

load_act_tool(*args, **kwargs)#

Load ACT Start Page.

read_case(*args, **kwargs)#

Read a case file.

read_case_data(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads a case and a data file.

read_case_info(*args, **kwargs)#

Read basic case info.

read_case_settings(*args, **kwargs)#

Read a case file while skipping mesh elements.

read_data(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads a data file.

read_field_functions(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads custom field function definitions from a file.

read_injections(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads all DPM injections from a file.

read_isat_table(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads ISAT Table.

read_journal(*args, **kwargs)#

Read a journal file.

read_macros(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads macro definitions from a file.

read_pdf(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads a PDF file.

read_profile(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads boundary profile data.

read_rays(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads a ray file.

read_settings(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads and sets boundary conditions from a specified file.

read_surface_clusters(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads surface clusters from a file.

read_transient_table(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads table of transient boundary profile data.

read_viewfactors(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads view factors from a file.

reload_setup(*args, **kwargs)#

Discards any changes in the current ANSYS Fluent in Workbench session and removes any corresponding data from the Solution cell. This command is only available when running ANSYS Fluent in Workbench.

replace_mesh(*args, **kwargs)#

Replaces the mesh with a new one while preserving settings.

set_batch_options(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the batch options.

set_err_on_inval_cmd(*args, **kwargs)#

Set whether to abort journal replay on invalid command.

set_idle_timeout(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the idle timeout.

set_target_reference_frame_for_write_profiles(*args, **kwargs)#

Set reference frame options, which will be used for position transformation during writing of profiles.

set_tui_version(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the version of the TUI commands.

show_configuration(*args, **kwargs)#

Display current release and version information.

single_precision_coordinates(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies whether the nodal coordinates should be written in single precision (rather than the default double precision). This text command is only available in the single-precision version of ANSYS Fluent.

start_journal(*args, **kwargs)#

Start recording all input in a file.

start_transcript(*args, **kwargs)#

Start recording input and output in a file.

stop_journal(*args, **kwargs)#

Stop recording input and close the journal file.

stop_macro(*args, **kwargs)#

Stops recording input to a macro.

stop_transcript(*args, **kwargs)#

Stop recording input and output and close the transcript file.

sync_workbench(*args, **kwargs)#

Directly updates Workbench with the most recent Fluent changes. This command is only available when running ANSYS Fluent in Workbench.

write_boundary_mesh(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes the boundary mesh to a file.

write_case(*args, **kwargs)#

Write a case file.

write_case_data(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes a case and a data file.

write_circumferential_averaged_profile(*args, **kwargs)#

Write surface data as a boundary profile file. To use *.csv format specify filename with .csv suffix.

write_cleanup_script(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes the cleanup-script-file for ANSYS Fluent.

write_currently_defined_profiles(*args, **kwargs)#

Write currently defined profiles. To use *.csv format specify filename with .csv suffix.

write_data(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes a data file.

write_fan_profile(*args, **kwargs)#

Computes radial profiles for a fan zone and writes them to a profile file.

write_field_functions(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes the currently defined custom field functions to a file.

write_flamelet(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes a flamelet file.

write_injections(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes out selected DPM injections to a file.

write_isat_table(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes ISAT Table.

write_macros(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes the currently defined macros to a file.

write_merge_profiles(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes a .csv file with the selected surfaces consolidated into one set of data points.

write_pdat(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables / disables the attempt to save .pdat files. Note that this text command is no longer supported.

write_pdf(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes a pdf file.

write_profile(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes surface data as a boundary profile file.

write_selected_defined_profiles(*args, **kwargs)#

Set profile names, only these profile names which will be used during writing of *.csv profiles.

write_settings(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes out current boundary conditions in use.