class main_menu.define.user_defined(path, service)#

Enters the user-defined functions and scalars menu.

auto_compile_compiled_udfs(*args, **kwargs)#

For this Fluent session, specify whether to allow auto-compilation of compiled UDF when a case file (or settings file) is read.

compile_customized_addon_module(*args, **kwargs)#

Compile customized addon module?.

compiled_functions(*args, **kwargs)#

Opens user-defined function library.

enable_udf_on_gpu(*args, **kwargs)#

Compile UDFs with OpenCL support.

execute_on_demand(*args, **kwargs)#

Executes UDFs on demand.

fan_model(*args, **kwargs)#

Configures user-defined fan model.

function_hooks(*args, **kwargs)#

Hooks up user-defined functions.

interpreted_functions(*args, **kwargs)#

Loads interpreted user-defined functions.

one_D_coupling(*args, **kwargs)#

Load 1D library.

use_built_in_compiler(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables the use of a built-in compiler (Clang) when the define/user-defined/compiled-functions text command is used. This text command / compiler is available for Windows only, and is provided as part of the ANSYS Fluent installation. It is recommended that you enable this text command when the compiler you installed on your machine is an older version that is no longer supported. Note that the built-in compiler is used automatically if Fluent determines that you have not installed Microsoft Visual Studio or Clang on your computer, whether this text command is enabled or not.

use_contributed_cpp(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable use of cpp from the Fluent.Inc/contrib directory.

user_defined_memory(*args, **kwargs)#

Allocates user-defined memory.

user_defined_node_memory(*args, **kwargs)#

Allocate user-defined node memory.

user_defined_scalars(*args, **kwargs)#

Defines user-defined scalars.