class main_menu.define.phases.set_domain_properties.interaction_domain.heat_mass_reactions(path, service)#

Enters the menu to set heat, mass-transfer, and reaction models.

drag(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the drag function for each pair of phases. It also enables drag modification and allow specifying the drag factor.

heat_coeff(*args, **kwargs)#

Species the heat transfer coefficient function between each pair of phases (constant-htc, nusselt-number, ranz-marshall, hughmark, tomiyama, fixed-to-sat-temp, two-resistance, or user-defined). This command is enable only with the Eulerian multiphase model.

interfacial_area(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the interfacial area parameters for each pair of phases.

mass_transfer(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the mass transfer mechanisms.

model_transition(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the model transition mechanism.

reactions(*args, **kwargs)#

Allows you to define multiple heterogeneous reactions and stoichiometry. This option is available only with the species model.

restitution(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the restitution coefficient for collisions between each pair of granular phases and for collisions between particles of the same granular phase.

slip_velocity(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the slip velocity function for each secondary phase with respect to the primary phase.

turbulence_interaction(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the turbulence interaction model for each primary-secondary phase pair.

turbulent_dispersion(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the turbulent dispersion model for each primary-secondary phase pair.

wall_lubrication(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the wall lubrication model for each primary-secondary phase pair.