class main_menu.define.models.viscous.geko_options(path, service)#

Enters the GEKO model menu..

blending_function(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the blending function, which deactivatescmix and cjet inside boundary layers.

cbf_lam(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscbf_lam, a part of the blending function and shields the laminar boundary layer.

cbf_tur(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscbf_tur, a factor for the main blending factor, controlling the thickness of the layer near walls.

cjet(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscjet, the parameter to optimize free shear layer mixing (optimize free jets independent of mixing layer).

cjet_aux(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscjet_aux, which allows fine-tuning of the parameter to optimize free jets.

cmix(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscmix, the parameter to optimize strength of mixing in free shear flows.

cnw(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscnw, the parameter to optimize flow in non-equilibrium near wall regions.

cnw_sub(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscnw_sub, which allows the adjustment of log-layer and cf.

creal(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscreal, a realizability limiter that ensures positive normal stresses in the entire domain.

csep(*args, **kwargs)#

Setscsep, the parameter to optimize flow separation from smooth surfaces.

geko_defaults(*args, **kwargs)#

Restores the defaults of all GEKO parameters.

wall_distance_free(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables the wall distance free version of the GEKO model.