class main_menu.define.models.dpm.options(path, service)#

Enters the options menu to set optional models.

allow_supercritical_pressure_vaporization(*args, **kwargs)#

Enforces the switching from vaporization to boiling even if the boiling point is not calculated from the vapor pressure data. If the pressure in your model is above critical you must retain the default setting (yes). This options is available only if whenPressure Dependent Boiling is enabled in the Physical Models tab of the Discrete Phase Models dialog box. For more details, see .

brownian_motion(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables Brownian motion of particles.

convective_film_heat_transfer(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable convection/conduction film to wall heat transfer model.

current_positions_in_sample_file_format(*args, **kwargs)#

When enabled, generates a file containing particle current positions (step-by-step history report for unsteady tracking) in the sampling file format.

enable_contour_plots(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables computation of mean and/or RMS values of additional discrete phase variables for postprocessing.

ensemble_average(*args, **kwargs)#

Ensembles average cloud properties.

erosion_accretion(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables erosion/accretion.

include_lwf_particles_in_dpm_concentration(*args, **kwargs)#

Include LWF particle mass in DPM Concentration.

init_erosion_accretion_rate(*args, **kwargs)#

Initializes the erosion/accretion rates with zero.

lowest_volatiles_mass_fraction(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the lowest volatiles mass fraction.

maximum_udf_species(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies the maximum number of species that will be accessible from discrete phase model UDFs. Only species with indices up to this value are accessible in discrete phase model UDFs.

particle_radiation(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables particle radiation.

pressure_gradient_force(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables inclusion of pressure gradient effects in the particle force balance.

remove_wall_film_temperature_limiter(*args, **kwargs)#

Answering yes at the prompt removes the wall temperature limiter for Lagrangian wall-film walls. If you enter no (default), two additional prompts will appear in the console allowing you to define the temperature difference above the boiling point and to enable/disable the reporting of the Leidenfrost temperature on the wall faces.

saffman_lift_force(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables Saffman lift force.

scr_urea_deposition_risk_analysis(*args, **kwargs)#

Enters the menu for setting up the risk for solids deposit formation for the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) process. For more information, see .

set_minimum_particle_diameter(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the minimum particle diameter.

set_thermolysis_limit(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the limit for the thermolysis model.

stagger_radius(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies the region over which to spatially stagger particles when particle-staggering is enabled for non-atomizer injections.

stagger_spatially_atomizer_injections(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables spatial staggering for atomizer and solid-cone injections.

stagger_spatially_standard_injections(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables spatial staggering for standard (non-atomizer and non-solid-cone) injections.

stagger_temporally(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables temporal staggering.

staggering_factor(*args, **kwargs)#
step_report_sig_figures(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets significant figures in the step-by-step report.

thermophoretic_force(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables thermophoretic force.

track_in_absolute_frame(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables tracking in absolute frame.

treat_multicomponent_saturation_temperature_failure(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables dumping multicomponent particle mass into the continuous phase if the saturation temperature calculation fails.

two_way_coupling(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables calculation of DPM sources in TKE equation.

uniform_mass_distribution_for_injections(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies a uniform distribution of mass over the cross-section of solid cone and atomizer injections. This can become important when the mesh is smaller than the diameter (or another characteristic size) of the injection.

use_absolute_pressure_for_vaporization(*args, **kwargs)#

Determines whether the absolute pressure or constant operating pressure (specified in define/operating-conditions/operating-pressure) will be used in vaporization rates calculations.

vaporization_heat_transfer_averaging(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables averaging of the Spalding heat transfer term for the convection/diffusion-controlled model.

vaporization_options(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets Vaporization options.

virtual_mass_force(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables inclusion of the virtual mass force in the particle force balance.