class main_menu.define.models.acoustics.sponge_layers(path, service)#

Manage sponge layers where density is blended to eliminate reflections from boundary zones.

activate(*args, **kwargs)#

Activate a sponge object.

add(*args, **kwargs)#

Add a new sponge layer definition.

deactivate(*args, **kwargs)#

Deactivate a sponge layer definition.

delete(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes an existing sponge layer definition.

edit(*args, **kwargs)#

Edits an existing sponge layer. You can revise the fields listed previously for the define/models/acoustics/sponge-layers/add text command.

list(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints a list of the existing sponge layers in the console.

list_active(*args, **kwargs)#

List the names of the active sponge layer definitions.

list_properties(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints the properties of an existing sponge layer of your choice in the console.