class main_menu.define.dynamic_mesh.controls.smoothing_parameters(path, service)#

Enters the dynamic mesh smoothing-parameters menu.

amg_stabilization(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the AMG stabilization method for mesh smoothing (FEM).

bnd_node_relaxation(*args, **kwargs)#

The boundary node relaxation is used by spring smoothing. The boundary node relaxation allows you to relax the update of the node positions at deforming boundaries. A value of 0 prevents deforming boundary nodes from moving and a value of 1 indicates no under-relaxation.

bnd_stiffness_factor(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the stiffness factor for springs connected to boundary nodes.

boundary_distance_method(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the method used to evaluate the boundary distance for the diffusion coefficient calculation, when diffusion-based smoothing is enabled.

constant_factor(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the spring constant relaxation factor.

convergence_tolerance(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the convergence tolerance for spring-based solver.

diffusion_coeff_function(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies whether the diffusion coefficient for diffusion-based smoothing is based on the boundary distance or the cell volume.

diffusion_coeff_parameter(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the diffusion coefficient parameter used for diffusion-based smoothing.

diffusion_fvm(*args, **kwargs)#

Answering yes at the prompt changes the diffusion-based smoothing method to the cell-based finite volume approach that was the default in releases prior to Fluent 15.0. Answering no at the prompt changes the diffusion-based smoothing method to the default node-based finite element method.

laplace_node_relaxation(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the Laplace boundary node relaxation factor.

max_iter(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the maximum number of iterations for spring-based solver.

poisson_ratio(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the Poisson’s ratio used for smoothing based on the linearly elastic solid model.

relative_convergence_tolerance(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the relative residual convergence tolerance for smoothing based on diffusion or the linearly elastic solid model.

skew_smooth_all_deforming_boundaries(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables skewness smoothing for all deforming dynamic boundary zones. This is enabled by default. If disabled, skewness smoothing is only applied to the deforming dynamic boundary zones that have smoothing explicitly enabled or use local face remeshing.

skew_smooth_cell_skew_max(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the skewness threshold, above which cells will be smoothed using the skewness method.

skew_smooth_face_skew_max(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the skewness threshold, above which faces will be smoothed using the skewness method.

skew_smooth_niter(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the number of skewness-based smoothing cycles.

smooth_from_reference_position(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables smoothing from a reference position. Such smoothing may produce greater mesh quality consistency for stationary or moving meshes with periodic or quasi-periodic motion, and is only available when the smoothing method is based on diffusion or the linearly elastic solid model.

smoothing_method(*args, **kwargs)#

Specify the smoothing method used by the dynamic mesh model.

spring_on_all_elements(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables spring-based smoothing for all cell shapes; if disabled, the spring-based smoothing is applied based on the setting of the define/dynamic-mesh/controls/smoothing-parameters/spring-on-simplex-shapes? text command.

spring_on_simplex_elements(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable/disable spring-based smoothing for tri/tet elements in mixed element zones.

verbosity(*args, **kwargs)#

Set the verbosity for spring smoothing.