class main_menu.define.dynamic_mesh.controls.contact_parameters(path, service)#

Enters the dynamic mesh contact-parameters menu. This text command is only available when you enable contact detection using the prompts of the define/dynamic-mesh/dynamic-mesh? text command.

contact_face_zones(*args, **kwargs)#

Selects face zones involved in contact detection.

contact_method(*args, **kwargs)#

Selects the method used for flow control in the contact region. Enter 0 for the contact zones method (which restricts the flow using additional cell zones with porous zone properties) or 1 for the contact marks method (which blocks the flow using zero-mass-flux boundaries).

contact_threshold(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies threshold distance for contact detection.

contact_udf(*args, **kwargs)#

Selects the UDF to be invoked when contact is detected.

flow_control(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables flow control in the contact region.

render_contact_cells(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables the availability of a field variable (contact-cell-mark) that can be used to display contours of cells marked for flow blocking as part of the contact marks method, and allows you to postprocess other field variables on those cells.

update_contact_marks(*args, **kwargs)#

Updates which cells are marked in order to block flow in the contact region as part of the contact marks method.

verbosity(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the level of detail printed in the console regarding contact detection.