class main_menu.define.boundary_conditions.modify_zones(path, service)#

Enters the modify zones menu.

activate_cell_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Activates cell thread.

append_mesh(*args, **kwargs)#

Appends new mesh.

append_mesh_data(*args, **kwargs)#

Appends new mesh with data.

change_zone_phase(*args, **kwargs)#

Change the realgas phase for a zone.

change_zone_state(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the state (liquid or vapor) for a specific fluid zone.

convert_all_solid_mrf_to_solid_motion(*args, **kwargs)#

Converts all solid zones using frame motion to instead use solid motion, copying the motion variable values for origin, axis, and velocities.

copy_mesh_to_mrf_motion(*args, **kwargs)#

Copies motion variable values for origin, axis, and velocities from Mesh Motion to Frame Motion.

copy_move_cell_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates a copy of a cell zone that is offset from the original either by a translational distance or a rotational angle. In the copied zone, the bounding face zones are all converted to walls, any existing cell data is initialized to a constant value, and non-conformal interfaces and dynamic zones are not copied; otherwise, the model settings are the same as in the original zone. Note that if you want the copied zone to be connected to existing zones, you must either fuse the boundaries (see ) or set up a non-conformal interface (see ).

copy_mrf_to_mesh_motion(*args, **kwargs)#

Copies motion variable values for origin, axis, and velocities from Frame Motion to Mesh Motion.

create_all_shell_threads(*args, **kwargs)#

Marks all finite thickness walls for shell creation. Shell zones will be created at the start of the iterations.

create_periodic_interface(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates a conformal or non-conformal periodic interface.

deactivate_cell_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Deactivates cell thread.

delete_all_shells(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes all shell zones and switches off shell conduction on all the walls. These zones can be recreated using the command recreate-all-shells.

delete_cell_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes a cell thread.

extrude_face_zone_delta(*args, **kwargs)#

Extrudes a face thread a specified distance based on a list of deltas.

extrude_face_zone_para(*args, **kwargs)#

Extrudes a face thread a specified distance based on a distance and a list of parametric locations between 0 and 1, for example, 0 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.0.

fuse_face_zones(*args, **kwargs)#

Attempts to fuse zones by removing duplicate faces and nodes.

list_zones(*args, **kwargs)#

Lists zone IDs, types, kinds, and names.

make_periodic(*args, **kwargs)#

Attempts to establish periodic/shadow face zone connectivity.

matching_tolerance(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets normalized tolerance used for finding coincident nodes.

merge_zones(*args, **kwargs)#

Merges zones of same type and condition into one.

mrf_to_sliding_mesh(*args, **kwargs)#

Changes the motion specification from MRF to moving mesh.

orient_face_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Orients the face zone.

recreate_all_shells(*args, **kwargs)#

Recreates shells on all the walls that were deleted using the command delete-all-shells.

replace_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Replaces cell zone.

rotate_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Rotates individual cell zones.

scale_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Scales individual cell zones.

sep_cell_zone_mark(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates cell zone based on cell marking.

sep_cell_zone_region(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates cell zone based on contiguous regions.

sep_face_zone_angle(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates face zone based on significant angle.

sep_face_zone_face(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates each face in zone into unique zone.

sep_face_zone_mark(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates face zone based on cell marking.

sep_face_zone_region(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates face zone based on contiguous regions.

slit_face_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Slits two-sided wall into two connected wall zones.

slit_interior_between_diff_solids(*args, **kwargs)#

Slits the interior zone between solid zones of differing materials to create a coupled wall. You will generally be prompted by Fluent if this is necessary.

slit_periodic(*args, **kwargs)#

Slits periodic zone into two symmetry zones.

translate_zone(*args, **kwargs)#

Translates individual cell zones.

zone_name(*args, **kwargs)#

Gives a zone a new name.

zone_type(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the type for a zone or multiple zones of the same category. You will be prompted for the name / ID of the zone to be changed and the new type for that zone. To change multiple zones, you can enter a list (separated by spaces and contained within a pair of parentheses) or use asterisks (*) as wildcards.