class main_menu.parallel(path, service)#

Enter the parallel menu.

agglomerate(*args, **kwargs)#

Recombines distributed mesh data into a single partition on compute node 0.

auto_partition(*args, **kwargs)#

Automatically partitions face-zones for parallel meshing.

print_partition_info(*args, **kwargs)#

Displays computed partition data to the console.

spawn_solver_processes(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies the number of solver processes. Additional processes will be spawned as necessary when switching to solution mode in Linux with the default MPI. You will also be prompted for (Linux and mixed Windows/Linux) interconnect type, machine list or host file, and (Linux and mixed Windows/Linux) option to be used.

thread_number_control(*args, **kwargs)#

Controls the maximum number of threads on each machine.