class main_menu.objects.volumetric_regions(path, service)#

Manage volumetric regions of an object.

auto_fill_volume(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates the volume mesh for the selected volumetric regions based on the meshing parameters set.

change_type(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables you to change the region type.

compute(*args, **kwargs)#

Computes the volumetric regions based on the face zone labels. You can choose to use existing material points for computing the regions. When regions are computed, region names and types will be based on the face zone labels of the mesh object selected. If regions are recomputed, all previous region names and types will be over written.

delete(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes the specified volumetric regions.

delete_cells(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes the cell zones of the specified regions.

fill_empty_volume(*args, **kwargs)#

Fill empty volume of selected regions.

list(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints region information to the console, including type, volume, material point and face zones.

merge(*args, **kwargs)#

Merges specified regions in to a single region. If there are shared face zones, merging regions will delete the shared face zones. However, if there are cell zones associated with the regions, then merging the regions will not delete the shared face zones. In this case, the shared face zones will be deleted when the cell zones are deleted.

merge_cells(*args, **kwargs)#

Merge all cell zones assocaited to a region.

rename(*args, **kwargs)#

Renames the region.

update(*args, **kwargs)#

Recomputes the selected volumetric region(s) while preserving the region name(s) and type(s).