class main_menu.mesh.tet.improve(path, service)#

Enters the tet improve menu.

collapse_slivers(*args, **kwargs)#

Attempts to collapse the nodes of a skewed sliver cell on any one of its neighbors.

improve_cells(*args, **kwargs)#

Improves skewed tetrahedral cells.

refine_boundary_slivers(*args, **kwargs)#

Attempts to increase the volume of boundary slivers to create a valid tet cell. Tetrahedra having one or two faces on the boundary are identified and then the appropriate edge split. The split node is then smoothed such that the volume of the tetrahedron increases, thereby creating a valid tet cell.

refine_slivers(*args, **kwargs)#

Attempts to remove the sliver by placing a node at or near the centroid of the sliver cell. Swapping and smoothing are performed to improve the skewness. You can also specify whether boundary cells are to be refined. Refining the boundary cells may enable you to carry out further improvement options such as smoothing, swapping, and collapsing slivers.

skew_smooth_nodes(*args, **kwargs)#

Applies skewness-based smoothing to nodes on the tetrahedral cell zones to improve the mesh quality.

sliver_boundary_swap(*args, **kwargs)#

Removes boundary slivers by moving the boundary to exclude the cells from the zone.

smooth_boundary_sliver(*args, **kwargs)#

Smooths nodes on sliver cells having all four nodes on the boundary until the skewness value is less than the specified value. The default values for the skewness threshold, minimum dihedral angle between boundary faces, and feature angle are 0.985, 10, and 30, respectively.

smooth_interior_sliver(*args, **kwargs)#

Smooths non-boundary nodes on sliver cells having skewness greater than the specified threshold value. The default value for the skewness threshold is 0.985.

smooth_nodes(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables you to apply either Laplacian or variational smoothing to nodes on the tetrahedral cell zones to improve the mesh quality.

swap_faces(*args, **kwargs)#

Performs interior face swapping to improve cell skewness.