class main_menu.mesh.separate(path, service)#

Separates cells by various user-defined methods.

separate_cell_by_face(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates cells that are connected to a specified face zone into another cell zone. This separation method applies only to prism cells.

separate_cell_by_mark(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates cells within a specified local region into another cell zone.

separate_cell_by_region(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates contiguous regions within a cell zone into separate cell zones.

separate_cell_by_shape(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates cells with different shapes (pyramids, tetrahedra, etc.) into separate cell zones.

separate_cell_by_size(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates cells based on the specified minimum and maximum cell sizes.

separate_cell_by_skew(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates cells based on the specified cell skewness.

separate_prisms_from_hex(*args, **kwargs)#

Separate prism cells from hex.

separate_prisms_from_poly(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates the poly-prism cells from the poly cells within your mesh. Available only when the report/enhanced-orthogonal-quality? flag is set to yes, and is only supported for the .h5 format.

separate_wedge_prisms(*args, **kwargs)#

Separate wedge-prism cells from bulk.