class main_menu.mesh.scoped_prisms(path, service)#

Contains options for creating scoped prism controls for mesh objects.

create(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates a new scoped prism control based on the parameters and scope specified. Specify the name, offset method, first height or aspect ratio, number of layers, and rate or last percent. Select the mesh object and set the scope (fluid-regions, named-regions, or solid-regions). Specify the zones to grow prisms (all-zones, only-walls, selected-face-zones, or selected-labels, or solid-fluid-interface). When named-regions and/or selected-face-zones or selected-labels are selected, specify the volume and/or boundary scope. If interior baffle zones are selected, retain the option to grow prisms on both sides of the baffles or disable it to grow prisms on one side.

delete(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes the specified scoped prism control.

growth_options(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables you to specify scoped prism growth options. Select Fix First Height if required, and specify the gap factor, maximum aspect ratio, prism quality method, and the threshold quality value for stair stepping.

list(*args, **kwargs)#

Lists all the defined scoped prism controls.

modify(*args, **kwargs)#

Modifies the specified control based on the parameters specified.

poly_keep_nlayer_prism_characteristics(*args, **kwargs)#

Number of layers to maintain poly-prism characteristics.

read(*args, **kwargs)#

Reads in the specified scoped prism control file (*.pzmcontrol).

set_advanced_controls(*args, **kwargs)#

Used to specify various controls for scoped prisms. Prompts include setting iterations for normal based prisms, smoothing, prism improvement, automatic node movement, and warp improvement. Prompts also include checks for stair-step interactions, as well as proximity, quality, and the exposure of quad quality. Automatic stair-stepping occurs during prism generation based on the proximity and quality limits. You can intentionally avoid stair-stepping by setting the last three prompts (proximity, quality, and the exposure of quad quality) to no, although you may also retain some poor quality cells.

set_no_imprint_zones(*args, **kwargs)#

Used to specify face zones that should not be imprinted during prism generation.

set_overset_prism_controls(*args, **kwargs)#

Set boundary layer controls for overset mesh generation.

write(*args, **kwargs)#

Writes the scoped prism controls to a prism control file (*.pzmcontrol). Specify the scoped prism file name.