class main_menu.mesh.rapid_octree(path, service)#

Enters the rapid octree menu, which provides text commands for using the Rapid Octree mesher.

boundary_mesh_optimization(*args, **kwargs)#

Enable optimization to improve orthogonality at the boundary mesh.

boundary_treatment(*args, **kwargs)#

Selects the boundary treatment option. Enter 0 for the Boundary Projection treatment or 1 for the Cartesian Snapping treatment.

bounding_box(*args, **kwargs)#

Defines/modifies the bounding box around the geometry.

create(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates a mesh using the Rapid Octree mesher.

create_stair_step_mesh(*args, **kwargs)#

Create rapid octree mesh with a cartesian boundary approximation.

delete_poor_quality_cells(*args, **kwargs)#

Delete all cells with orthogonal-quality less than 0.01.

distribute_geometry(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables/disables the distribution of the input geometry across partitions / compute nodes, so that it is not copied to each process. This reduces the memory requirements of the mesh generation significantly, especially for geometries with a high number of triangles. Note that this geometric distribution is enabled by default and is automatically deactivated if the geometry is not fully enclosed by the defined bounding box.

dry_run(*args, **kwargs)#

If yes: Just print diagnostic information, do not create a mesh.

estimate_cell_count(*args, **kwargs)#

Give a quick estimate about the expected number of cells.

flow_volume(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies the volume to be filled by the mesh.

geometry(*args, **kwargs)#

Allows you to apply the Rapid Octree mesher to a defined mesh object or geometry object rather than all available surface zones. Note that using a mesh object with multiple volumetric regions allows you to generate multiple disconnected cell zones that can be coupled by a non-conformal mesh interface in the solution mode; all other input objects result in the creation of a single volume / cell zone.

improve_geometry_resolution(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables improved geometry resolution.

is_manifold_geo(*args, **kwargs)#

Set to yes if the geomety is manifold (speed up mesh generation).

reset_bounding_box(*args, **kwargs)#

Redefines the bounding box extents to encompass all of the surfaces of the currently selected geometry, and updates the base length scale used in the mesh generation process.

undo_last_meshing_operation(*args, **kwargs)#

Attempts to restore the object state (including its surfaces) as it was prior to the meshing operation performed by the Rapid Octree mesher.

verbosity(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the verbosity of the messages printed by the Rapid Octree mesher.