class main_menu.mesh.pyramid.controls(path, service)#

Enters the pyramid controls menu.

neighbor_angle(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the threshold dihedral angle used to limit the neighboring faces considered for pyramid creation. For example, if the value is set to 110° and the angle between a given quadrilateral face and a neighboring triangular face is greater than 110°, the resulting pyramid will not include the triangular face.

offset_factor(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies the fraction of the computed pyramid height (offset) by which the pyramid heights will be randomly adjusted. The default value is 0, indicating that all pyramids will have the exact height computed. A value of 0.1, for example, will limit each adjustment to ±10percentage of the computed height.

offset_scaling(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies the scaling, to be used to determine the height of the pyramid.

vertex_method(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies the method by which the location of the new vertex of the pyramid will be determined. The skewness method is used by default.