class main_menu.display.display_states(path, service)#

Enter the display states menu.

apply(*args, **kwargs)#

Apply a display state to the active graphics window.

copy(*args, **kwargs)#

Copy the settings of an existing display state to another existing display state.

create(*args, **kwargs)#

Create a new display state.

delete(*args, **kwargs)#

Delete a display state.

edit(*args, **kwargs)#

Edit a display state. Enter quit (or a substring, such as q or qui) to exit the editing loop.

list(*args, **kwargs)#

Print the names of the existing display states to the console.

read(*args, **kwargs)#

Read in display states from a file.

use_active(*args, **kwargs)#

Save the display state settings of the active graphics window to an existing display state. This command is not available when the active window is displaying a 2D plot.

write(*args, **kwargs)#

Write one or more of the saved display states to a file.