class main_menu.diagnostics.face_connectivity(path, service)#

Contains options for fixing problems with face connectivity on the specified object face zones or boundary face zones.

add_label_to_small_neighbors(*args, **kwargs)#

Separates island object face zones from all connected neighbors and merges them to the connected neighboring face zone label based on minimum face count specified.

fix_deviations(*args, **kwargs)#

Fixes deviations in the wrapped surface mesh by imprinting edges on the wrapped face zones. Specify the number of imprint iterations and aggressive imprint iterations to be performed.

fix_duplicate_faces(*args, **kwargs)#

Removes duplicate faces.

fix_free_faces(*args, **kwargs)#

Removes free faces by the method selected. The methods available are:.

fix_invalid_normals(*args, **kwargs)#

Fixes invalid normals by smoothing. Zone-specific or scoped prism settings should be applied prior to using this command.

fix_islands(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes groups of island faces based on the absolute face count specified.

fix_multi_faces(*args, **kwargs)#

Fixes multiply connected faces by a combination of deleting face fringes, overlapping faces, and disconnected faces. Specify the maximum number of fringe faces, overlapping faces, and multiply connected edges, respectively.

fix_point_contacts(*args, **kwargs)#

Fixes non-manifold configurations by removing point contacts.

fix_self_intersections(*args, **kwargs)#

Fixes self intersecting or folded faces. For fixing folded faces by smoothing, specify whether features should be imprinted.

fix_slivers(*args, **kwargs)#

Fixes faces based on skewness and height criteria. Height is the perpendicular distance between the longest edge of the triangle and the opposite node.

fix_spikes(*args, **kwargs)#

Fixes spiked faces based on the spike angle specified.

fix_steps(*args, **kwargs)#

Fixes step configurations by smoothing or collapsing faces based on the angle and step width specified.

remove_label_from_small_islands(*args, **kwargs)#

Change small disconnected island labels to their connected neighbors.