class main_menu.boundary.refine(path, service)#

Discusses the commands used to refine the boundary mesh.

auto_refine(*args, **kwargs)#

Automatically refines a face zone based on proximity. The original face zone is treated as a background mesh. Faces are refined by multiple face splitting passes, so that no face is in close proximity to any face in the current domain.

clear(*args, **kwargs)#

Clears all refinement marks from all boundary faces.

count(*args, **kwargs)#

Counts the number of faces marked on each boundary zone.

limits(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints a report of the minimum and maximum size of each specified zone. This report will also tell you how many faces on each zone have been marked for refinement.

mark(*args, **kwargs)#

Marks the faces for refinement.

refine(*args, **kwargs)#

Refines the marked faces.