class main_menu.boundary.manage(path, service)#

Contains options for manipulating the boundary zones.

auto_delete_nodes(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies whether or not unused nodes should be deleted when their face zone is deleted.

change_prefix(*args, **kwargs)#

Enables you to change the prefix for the specified face zones.

change_suffix(*args, **kwargs)#

Change the suffix for specified face zones.

copy(*args, **kwargs)#

Copies all nodes and faces of the specified face zone(s).

create(*args, **kwargs)#

Creates a new face zone.

delete(*args, **kwargs)#

Deletes the face zone.

flip(*args, **kwargs)#

Reverses the normal direction of the specified boundary zone(s).

id(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies a new boundary zone ID. If there is a conflict, the change will be ignored.

list(*args, **kwargs)#

Prints information about all boundary zones.

merge(*args, **kwargs)#

Merges face zones.

name(*args, **kwargs)#

Gives a face zone a new name.

orient(*args, **kwargs)#

Consistently orients the faces in the specified zones.

origin(*args, **kwargs)#

Specifies a new origin for the mesh, to be used for face zone rotation and for periodic zone creation. The default origin is (0,0,0).

remove_suffix(*args, **kwargs)#

Removes the suffix (characters including and after the leftmost “:”) in the face zone names.

rotate(*args, **kwargs)#

Rotates all nodes of the specified face zone(s).

rotate_model(*args, **kwargs)#

Rotates all nodes of the model through the specified angle, based on the specified point and axis of rotation.

scale(*args, **kwargs)#

Scales all nodes of the specified face zone(s).

scale_model(*args, **kwargs)#

Scales all nodes of the model by multiplying the node coordinates by the specified scale factors (x, y, z).

translate(*args, **kwargs)#

Translates all nodes of the specified face zone(s).

translate_model(*args, **kwargs)#

Translates all nodes of the model by the specified translation offsets (x, y, z). The translation offsets are interpreted as absolute numbers in meshing mode. In solution mode, however, the translation offsets are assumed to be distances in the length unit set. This may lead to differences in domain extents reported after translating the mesh in the respective modes.

type(*args, **kwargs)#

Changes the boundary type of the face zone. When changing the boundary type of any zone to type interior, ensure that there is a single cell zone across the interior boundary. Retaining multiple cell zones across an interior boundary can cause undesirable results with further tet meshing or smoothing operations. Also, face zones having no/one neighboring cell zone should not be changed to type interior. The mesh check will issue a warning if multiple cell zones are maintained across an interior boundary. The boundary type in such cases should be set to internal instead.