class main_menu.mesh.rapid_octree.advanced_meshing_options(path, service)#

Advanced and experimental options for octree mesh generation.

aspect_ratio_skewness_limit(*args, **kwargs)#

Ignore cells with higher skew in aspect ratio improvement.

distance_erosion_factor(*args, **kwargs)#

Set distance erosion factor as a factor of prism edge length.

projection_priority_zones(*args, **kwargs)#

Prioritize zone association of faces crossing multiple boundary zones.

pseudo_normal_mode(*args, **kwargs)#

Sets the mode for cumputing projection front sudo normals.

rename_bounding_box_zones(*args, **kwargs)#

Set flag to change naming scheme of bounding box surface zones.

target_cell_orthoskew(*args, **kwargs)#

Set target orthoskew in mesh (0.0-1.0). Smaller values are likely to increase pullback.